Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing

Boost your Revenue with Accurate and Quick claims processing through an expert and dedicated medical billing team.

  • End-2-End Service from Preregistration to Payment
  • Timely Payment Processing
  • Timely Denial Management

Electronic Processing of Medical Claims
EZ MD Solutions use medical billing software platforms. These software programs are web-based, HIPAA compliant, and electronically connected to all major insurance carriers. With the help of them, we process your claims in the fastest and most effective way.

Patient Statements and Inquiries
EZ MD Solutions manages the patient statement process for their clients. To know about their insurance benefits or outstanding balances, your patients call us. It helps you in saving time as the time it takes to respond to patient inquiries is eliminated. If require, we mail out the patient statements to the patients for outstanding balances.

Denial Management

We work on the claims systematically and tracks all claims until they are paid. In case any claim is rejected or denied, it is automatically flagged. All the appropriate corrective action is taken until the issue is entirely resolved.

Accounts Receivable

As you know, EZ MD Solutions purses all claims until they are paid. This helps in the natural and effective management of accounts receivable. Your practice accounts receivable reports are shared at frequent predefined intervals with you to keep you abreast of the details.

Thrive Through Change

 The burgeoning regulatory environment is continuing day by day. In this case, our team and expertise can become invaluable resources if your staff is challenged with compliance adherence and incentive programs, i.e. MACRA/MIPS.

Financial Reporting

EZ MD Solutions provide your practice with customized reports outlining the financial health of your practice.

Medical Coding

Providing Top-Quality Medical Coding and Auditing Services with AAPC Certified and Experienced Coders Team.

  • Improved Reimbursements.
  • Eliminating of Coding Denials
  • Avoidance of Insurance Audits
  • Compliance with NCCI Regulations
Medical Coding Services

Medical Coding
We help you Optimize Your Revenue with EZMD Solutions Expert and Certified Team of Medical Coders with an abundance of experience and exposure to deal with different Clinical, and Hospital-Physician coding.

Medical Coding Categories
EZ MD Solutions provides Coding Services in the following Five categories:

1. Hospital Coding,
2. Physician Coding,
3. Coding Audits,
4. Risk Adjustment Coding,
5. Temporary Coding Services

(for an on Vacation/Leave Coder).

Why Us for Medical Coding

We are committed to the highest level of accuracy, as we have:

  • Expert, Certified and Specialty-Specific Coders.
  • A tailored workflow to your specific policies and protocols.
  • A communication process to identify documentation issues.
  • A team that is passionate about customer service, and education, and is knowledgeable about all aspects of the Revenue Cycle
  • Frequent Coders’ collaboration with Physicians and Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists


EZMD Solutions is providing coding support services to the healthcare community. We are always available for long-term or short-term assignments. The Coding professionals at EZMD Solutions are highly credentialed and experienced. All of our coders are CCS®/CPC® credentialed and we provide continuing education to the team through experienced coders and computer-assisted coding platforms.

Making the Right Choice

To achieve an efficient revenue cycle, and minimize billing denials in your medical facility by outsourcing medical coding to EZMD Solutions, you can do this at the lowest viable cost. While experiencing quality-centric processes, you can increase your bottom line to help your business accomplish growth.
You don’t have to go for any other, make the right choice, and choose EZMD Solutions today for the best coding services.

Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription

Avail Secure and Error-Free Transcription Service in a Quick Turnaround Time.

  • 98% Plus accuracy
  • Strict Adherence to Committed Turnaround Time.
  • Layers of Oversight.
  • Very Affordable Rates.
  • 100% Human Generated Transcriptions
  • Strict HIPAA Compliance.

Main Features

Transcriptions/EHR Charts

98% Accuracy

24 Hour Turnaround

Affordable and Best Value

Easy to Use

Secure & Confidential

100% Human-Generated Transcriptions

Rush/Stat Transcriptions

Why Us for Medical Transcriptions?
At EZMD Solutions, you will get the best, flexible, and cost-effective Transcription Services.  We provide Medical Transcription Services in all Electronic Platforms, EHRs, web-based, or cloud-based and Word Processors.  We believe in teamwork and we have an expert and experienced team to deliver a topline Transcription Service and ensure the delivery well within agreed-upon Turnaround Time.

Other Transcription Services that we offer

Besides Medical Transcription Services, EZMD Solutions also provides other forms of Transcription Services including:

Business Calls

Meetings & Conferences



Academics, etc.

Our Standard Transcription Charges

Line BasedStarting from 3.5 Cents Per Line
Minutes BasedStarting from $0.45 Per Minute
Report BasedStarting from $0.75 Per Report

Virtual Medical Scribe

We Handle Your Patients' Documentation/Charts, and You Put Your Time Into Patients' Care.

  • Focused Patient Care
  • Timely Patient Chart Completion
  • Quality Documentation of Charts
  • More time for patients, Consequently More Revenue.
Virtual Medical Scribe
Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Put your prime focus on patient care and let us handle the rest.

  • Reliable Customer care services
  • Making phone calls, and managing email accounts
  • Scheduling appointments, Calendar management and setting up meetings
  • Document formatting and management
  • Hiring us will save you time, space, equipment, and money.

Physician-Focused Digital Profile & Marketing Service

Patients are Online, but Not All Physicians!

  • Attract, Convert and Retain Online Patients
  • Stand out to Potential Patients with Affordable Options
  • Increase Patient Engagement through Digital Presence
  • Improve your Google standings and ranking
  • Revamp your online presence
  • Captivate your audience with engaging content
Physician-Focused Digital Profile & Marketing Service

Medical Practice Websites

Let everyone know about your expertise and make your presence stand out with an interactive website or blog showcasing your practice elegantly.

Medical Write-Ups/Blogs

Captivate your audience with engaging content and copywriting, be it web content, marketing sales copy, e-mail newsletters, medical infopedia, or your regular blog.

Digital Marketing

Revamp your online presence, reach out to the right audience through our targeted digital marketing campaigns, and make your brand shine like a social media pro.

Medical SEO

Improve your Google standings and rank among the top results while implementing thoroughly researched keywords, SEO best practices, and White Hat search engine optimization techniques.