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Physician Billing Services

Does Medical Billing Drain Your Practice's Resources?

As a primary care physician, dealing with medical billing issues can be very frustrating. Following complex insurance rules, detailed coding requirements, and meeting high patient expectations is exceptionally challenging.

Trying to handle all the billing tasks within your practice often overloads you and your staff with extra work. You became a physician to provide excellent patient care and avoid getting tangled up in administrative processes.

The solution? Hand over your billing to the experts at EZ MD Solutions. Our billing services for physicians help you focus on your patients while we ensure you receive correct and prompt payment.

Physician Billing Services
Physician Billing Services

The High Cost of Billing Errors

Making mistakes in coding can result in denied claims, payment delays, and revenue loss for your practice. Submitting claims late disrupts your cash flow, and not following up on denied claims means leaving money on the table.

Handling primary care billing within your practice frequently results in costly errors that drain resources and compromise patient care. The increasing administrative workload risks overworked staff and unhappy patients.

Get Paid Faster with EZ MD Solutions

At EZ MD Solutions, we get the special billing issues physicians face. We ensure you receive quick and accurate payments, simplifying your financial management.

Physician-Focused Billing Services

Our comprehensive primary care billing services pay meticulous attention to each claim’s handling. The services include,

Insurance Verification and Eligibility Checks

We verify insurance coverage upfront to ensure a smooth reimbursement process
We check patient eligibility and benefits to prevent any surprises
Our team manages all of the documentation., so you may concentrate on providing care to patients.

Patient Billing and Collections

We manage all facets of medical billing and collection
This includes invoicing, setting up payment plans, and following up
Our team relieves you from the hassle of chasing patient payments

Diligent Accounts Receivable (AR) Follow-Up

We persistently follow up on unpaid claims to get you paid Our team works on reversing denials and underpayments We make every effort to recover every penny you're owed.

Insightful Reporting and Analytics

We offer thorough analysis and reports for your billing information
These insights help you identify trends and revenue opportunities
Our reports help you make intelligent choices for progress.

Intelligent Payment Posting

We log all payments promptly, whether from insurance or patients
Payments are accurately linked to the corresponding claims
Our system automatically updates account balances for you

Comprehensive Charge Entry Support

Our experts capture every service, diagnosis, and code accurately
We double-check entries to prevent any revenue leakage
Our process ensures you get paid for all the services you provide

The EZ MD Solutions Advantage

Boost Income

Our revenue cycle experts make sure you receive every penny you've earned. Precise coding prevents underpayments. Persistent follow-up recovers all unpaid claims. Plans tailored to your specialty maximize reimbursements up to 20% higher.

Lighten Your Budget Burden

Why weigh your profits down with billing overhead? You don't need to fret over paying for an in-house billing staff when you delegate to us. You can save on salaries, software, equipment, and training costs. Those savings go straight back into fueling your growth.

More Time for Meaningful Care

Administrative duties steal productive hours from your day. Let us manage the billing issues so you can devote more quality time to your patients. Provide attentive, empathetic care that solidifies loyalties.

Compliance is Our Constant Commitment

Protecting your reputation is a priority. Our strict HIPAA compliance safeguards all sensitive health data and billing details. We follow every regulation to the letter, shielding you from costly violations.

Enhance Patient Experience

Efficient billing streamlines the entire patient journey for a smooth, stress-free experience. Less waiting, less payment headaches. Our friendly staff handles all billing inquiries with courtesy and care.

Scalability to Match Your Ambition

Our flexible solutions adapt seamlessly as you add locations, doctors, or services. No more operational strains - keep expanding.

Dr. Craig Eymann Santa Cruz, California

As a chiropractor, I highly recommend EZ MD Solutions for their outstanding medical billing and practice management services. Their virtual assistant is a game-changer, expertly managing patient intake and appointments. Their digital marketing services, including a free website, have significantly boosted my chiropractic practice's online visibility. EZ MD Solutions is an indispensable partner for any chiropractic office seeking efficient and comprehensive practice management.

SNS Rheumatology logo
SNS Rheumatology Associates, Inc. Lakewood, New Jersey

We have worked with various billing companies before knowing your company. We are satisfied that we found your company for medical support services. Your reports are timely and comprehensive. I will recommend your services to the ones who might be looking for a more reliable medical billing service.

Dr Verma
Dr. Ajay Varma Holmdel, New Jersey

I would like you to know how much we value your efforts. Your cooperation and expertise are greatly appreciated. I have been very pleased with your Medical Transcription services. Your transcription accuracy is always perfect and up to the mark. On top of it, it is very economical.

Dr Usmani
Dr. Qaisar Usmani Hamilton, New Jersey

EZ MD has supported us tremendously in our challenging times. I ran a private clinic and wanted a company to credential us with insurance companies and handle our billing and coding. Luckily, I came across EZ MD Solutions on the Internet. I am pleasantly surprised at how beneficial EZ MD's services have been to us.

heart icon
CEO, eClinicsUSA Hamilton, New Jersey

We can personally vouch for their IT services. These guys really helped establish our presence as a digital telemedicine portal, and they had everything sorted from website to content to social media. Kudos for helping us achieve our goal!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Physician Billing Services

To optimize medical billing, you should:

  • Ensure accurate patient data collection
  • Increase claims paid upon first submission (first-pass yield)
  • Sustain a solid, clean claims rate.
  • Reduce code mistakes to avoid claim denials.
  • Promptly address rejected and denied claims.

To increase revenue via medical billing:

  • Develop billing procedure knowledge
  • Establish a straightforward medical bill collection process
  • Train staff in billing and patient interactions
  • Keep coding errors minimal
  • Collect complete patient information
  • Offer convenient payment options
  • File claims promptly to avoid delays/rejections

The Clean Claim Rate is the number of claims without manual fixes divided by the total approved claims in the billing system.

Electronic billing should aim for a 20-35 day accounts receivable turnover. Lower values imply faster payment and collection processing. Ideally, less than 25 percent of your receivables should be over 60 days late.

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