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Rheumatology Billing Services

Is Rheumatology Billing Too Complex?

As a rheumatology practice you deal with billing challenges every day. Insurance companies' rules constantly change, coding requirements are intricate, and patient expectations keep evolving.

Managing all this billing work in-house can easily overwhelm you and your staff. You became a rheumatologist to help improve people's lives, not to become a master at billing procedures.

The good news? You can eliminate this burden by partnering with EZ MD Solutions' expert rheumatology medical billing services. Focus on patients while we handle the complex billing processes.

Rheumatology Billing Services
Rheumatology Billing Services

The Costly Downsides of Improper Billing

Incorrect coding leads to denied claims and delays, reducing the revenue you worked hard to earn. Late claims submissions mean slower payments that strain your cash flow. Not following up properly on denied claims leaves money owed to your practice.

However, it doesn't have to be this difficult. Managing billing practices in-house can lead to costly mistakes and take away time from patient care. The administrative workload of managing billing can rapidly become too much, leading to overworked employees and unsatisfied patients.

Rheumatology Billing Services

Skyrocket Your Rheumatology Revenue with EZ MD Solutions

At EZ MD Solutions, we understand the billing challenges specific to rheumatology practices. Our medical billing services can help rheumatologists receive payments quickly and accurately, making managing their finances more manageable.

Rheumatology Billing Services

Key Components of Our Effective Rheumatology Billing Services

Our rheumatology billing solutions give you the confidence that we handle every claim with precise attention to detail.

Customized for Your Practice

Tailored billing services to fit your unique needs
Seamless integration with your current systems

Coding Expertise You Can Trust

Team of certified medical coders
In-depth rheumatology coding knowledge
Accurate coding to prevent denials
Compliance with all billing requirements

Fast Claims Processing

Electronic claims submitted within 48 hours
Quicker reimbursements for improved cash flow
Less admin work for your staff

Dedicated Support

One-on-one account manager assigned Single point of contact for personalized guidance Help ensure smooth billing operations

Clear Financial Visibility

Detailed reports and online portal access Transparent billing data Insights to monitor financial performance

A team of dedicated billing professionals

A higher percentage of clean claims

Fast turn-around on denials

Top quality services at the right price

Benefits of Rheumatology Billing Services Outsourcing

Accelerated Cash Flow

By minimizing billing errors, mitigating claim denials, and filing clean claims, we improve the practice's financial stability and profit.


With more than a decade of experience in the healthcare sector, we have a team of certified billers and coders who makes sure timely reimbursements.


We help practices improve their overall reimbursements percentage with the help of experienced professionals who knows the ins and outs of the medical sector.

HIPAA Compliant

We ensure the secure complaint handling of all patient data and billing information, following strict HIPAA standards. Our billing specialists protect your practice and your patient's privacy.

Better Patient Experience

Streamlining medical billing and coding processes and communicating improves the overall experience for your patients. It fosters trust and loyalty towards your rheumatology practice.

Scalable & Flexible

Our billing and coding services adapt seamlessly as your practice's needs evolve and grow over time. We provide flexibility to scale operations up or down.

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SNS Rheumatology Associates, Inc. Lakewood, New Jersey

We have worked with various billing companies before knowing your company. We are satisfied that we found your company for medical support services. Your reports are timely and comprehensive. I will recommend your services to the ones who might be looking for a more reliable medical billing service.

Dr Verma
Dr. Ajay Varma Holmdel, New Jersey

I would like you to know how much we value your efforts. Your cooperation and expertise are greatly appreciated. I have been very pleased with your Medical Transcription services. Your transcription accuracy is always perfect and up to the mark. On top of it, it is very economical.

Dr Usmani
Dr. Qaisar Usmani Hamilton, New Jersey

EZ MD has supported us tremendously in our challenging times. I ran a private clinic and wanted a company to credential us with insurance companies and handle our billing and coding. Luckily, I came across EZ MD Solutions on the Internet. I am pleasantly surprised at how beneficial EZ MD's services have been to us.

heart icon
CEO, eClinicsUSA Hamilton, New Jersey

We can personally vouch for their IT services. These guys really helped establish our presence as a digital telemedicine portal, and they had everything sorted from website to content to social media. Kudos for helping us achieve our goal!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rheumatology Billing Services

To optimize your medical billing, you should:

  • Ensure the accuracy of patient data collection.
  • Aim to increase the number of claims paid upon the first submission, also known as first-pass yield.
  • Focus on maintaining high clean claims rates.
  • Minimize coding errors to prevent claim rejections.
  • Prioritize promptly addressing rejected and denied claims.

To increase your clinic's revenue via medical billing, consider these tips:

  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of the billing procedure. 
  • Establish a straightforward process for medical bill collection.
  • Train your staff effectively in billing procedures and patient interactions.
  • Keep medical billing coding errors to a minimum.
  • Collect accurate and complete patient information.
  • Provide patients with simple and convenient payment options.
  • Ensure timely filing of claims to avoid delays and rejections.

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) defines clean claim rate (CCR) as the number of claims that undergo all edits without human involvement divided by the total number of claims approved into the claims processing system for billing.

Electronic billing practices should aim for an accounts receivable turnover of 20-35 days. It is a good benchmark for measuring medical billing productivity. A lower number of days indicates faster payment processing and collection. Optimally, less than 25% of your A/R should be over 60 days overdue.

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