Virtual Medical Administrative Assistants

How Virtual Medical Administrative Assistants are Becoming Crucial to One-Stop Shops?

A virtual medical administrative assistant from EZ MD Solutions performs as a team member of your company, providing all the advantages of an in-person team from a distance. To help you be more productive and make the most of your calls, we respond and sound like a team member, offering warm, accommodating service to every caller. 

We follow a win-win approach with you. You can leave your medical records and office management to the knowledgeable remote team at EZ MD Solutions and save thousands of dollars in payroll expenditures immediately. Our administrative medical assistants promptly and appropriately address every call.

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What is a One-Stop Shop in Healthcare?

To provide healthcare services to rural families, the one-stop shop model brings together the patients and healthcare providers in one place. This setting helps rural families access child services, referrals, healthcare, and transportation.

Why One-Stop Shop is Getting Fame in Healthcare?

This model is becoming prevalent nowadays because healthcare service is a basic human right. Everyone should have access to healthcare with ease and accessibility. This has put healthcare providers in a challenging situation to manage all services under one roof. Here, the medical administrative assistants are vital in streamlining all their activities and safeguarding their reimbursements.

A One-Stop Shop for Physicians?

The advent of digital technologies has led to a new customer preference: one-stop shopping. This is also a result of patients’ constant need for ease when they need it. 

Power of One-Stop Shop for Physicians?

How EZ MD Solutions Has Become a One-Stop Service Provider?

EZ MD Solutions is a one-stop shop service provider firm that offers many healthcare services to its physicians, all under one roof. A one-stop shop offers multiple benefits to healthcare providers through a business strategy that focuses on achieving the following goals: 

  • Offering ultimate convenience to healthcare professionals
  • Increased efficiency in patient care
  • Boosting Productivity
  • Prompt Revenue Collection
  • Giving providers more time for their patients

Instead of managing several services, which can confuse clinicians since they have to fill out separate forms and labels for each patient, many hospitals and physician practices benefit from us as their “one-stop shop”. EZ MD Solutions strives to bring prosperity in consolidation with its emphasis on value-based healthcare despite volume-based traffic.

How Virtual Assistants are Becoming Critical to One-Stop Service Provider?

Benefits of One-Step Shop By Virtual Assistants.

The concept of using virtual assistants is not only a day-dreaming. It is a physical reality. The following are some benefits of using virtual assistants in healthcare for customer service:

  • Cost-effective both for patient and doctor
  • More Efficiency and Productivity
  • Time-saving from diagnosis to treatment
  • Fast Track Operations
  • Error-Free Patient Care
  • More Revenue Collection
  • All types of care in one place
  • A Win-win Situation

Our value directly relates to our capacity to offer top-notch client service. A one-stop clinic has multi-disciplinary employees, including nurses, imaging technicians, and specialists, to accommodate whatever demands the patient could have during their visit. Therefore, we prioritize offering quick turnaround times and accuracy in pricing and results.

What Services Does a Virtual Medical Assistant Perform in a One-Stop Shop?

A Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA) performs various administrative services such as data entry, patient follow-up, insurance verification, prior authorization, and much more to offload for your medical practice. We ensure thorough coverage for your patient’s services from ‘Hello’ to ‘Bye Bye.’

We can offload you from the following:

  • New Patients Management
  • Prescription Management
  • Appointments Scheduling
  • Insurance Handling
  • Managing Medical Records 
  • Patients Guidance
  • Medical Transcription Services
  • Revenue Cycle Management

We handle every aspect, from lead gathering, scheduling, and message taking to call screening and transfers. At a One-Stop Shop health facility, it will make the healthcare experts highly over-occupied if they start administrative work also. Hence, an efficient and proactive virtual medical administrative assistant must take all administrative burdens and leave the doctor for patient care.

Why Ask EZ MD Solutions for Virtual Medical Administrative Assistants?

By scheduling a free pre-consultation call with EZ MD Solutions right now, you can get your search for a virtual medical assistant started. We can sort out the vast applicant pool on your behalf, allowing you to hire the most qualified and best candidates who meet your requirements.

We offer services with many skills, such as:

  • HIPPA Certified
  • Integrity
  • Safety and security of Patient’s data
  • Multitasking Abilities
  • Communication Skills
  • Disciplined and Organized
  • Updated Knowledge

Furthermore, our remote medical assistants know healthcare terminologies, have a history in medical administration, and have expertise with pertinent software. In the ever-changing healthcare industry, a remote medical assistant must have more and more skills for smooth healthcare performance. 


When the doctor spends more time with patients, listens to them, and offers personalized solutions, the patients enjoy it and feel relieved. Sadly, though, it is not the usual. Practitioners are racing back and forth between administrative work, bookkeeping, and practice. The care that patients are receiving reflects this hurrying.

Getting various medical services in one location is a significant advantage of the One Stop Shop service. To give you the care you require, we at EZ MD Solutions provide services to a large number of medical professionals from a variety of backgrounds under one umbrella.

We offer more than simply clerical support with our virtual assistant services. In essence, you are employing a one-stop shop service expert when you work with us. We can offer nearly all business services you need to keep you operating efficiently and profitably.

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