Virtual Medical Assistant

Ease your practice and ensure swift operations with future-ready Virtual Medical Assistants.

Time Saving

Enhanced Productivity

Streamlined Customer Support

Don’t Sit All Day Waiting for Patients to Come!

Tired of sitting all day waiting for patients? Looking for a front desk assistant to take care of your administrative work? You are just where you should be! 

EZ MD Solutions provides you with expert virtual medical assistants who take this administrative load so you have time to look after your patients.

Let Our Virtual Assistants Line-Up All Your Appointments

Sick of juggling appointment schedules? Let our Virtual Assistants take the reins, and ensure your calendar is a well-organized masterpiece – no more time wastage, just practice.

Helping You Free Your Time So You Can Go Cash It Somewhere Else!

Accelerating Patient Satisfaction via Expert Virtual Medical Assistant Services

Professional Virtual Medical Assistants to Help You on the Go

Transcribe Notes, Phone Calls, and Patient Voice Messages

Take Care of Your Customer Support 24/7

Expert on Medical Billing

Get a Front Desk Medical Assistant, Virtually.

Boost Productivity, Slash Stress, and Keep Costs Low!

All Your Administrative Work Handled By Virtual Medical Assistants, Who Doesn’t Require Office Space or Ask for Benefits.

Coordinate Telehealth Visits Seamlessly

Navigating telehealth platforms can be daunting for some patients, but why worry? Our healthcare virtual assistants offer expert patient guidance, ensuring that your patients feel comfortable and confident during their virtual visits.

Words From Our Satisfied Clients

We have worked with various billing companies before knowing your company. We are satisfied that we found your company for medical support services. Your reports are timely and comprehensive. I will recommend your services to the ones who might be looking for a more reliable medical billing service.

SNS Rheumatology logo
SNS Rheumatology Associates, Inc. Lakewood, New Jersey

EZ MD has supported us tremendously in our challenging times. I ran a private clinic and wanted a company to credential us with insurance companies and handle our billing and coding. Luckily, I came across EZ MD Solutions on the Internet. I am pleasantly surprised at how beneficial EZ MD's services have been to us.

Dr Usmani
Dr. Qaisar Usmani Hamilton, New Jersey

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Unique Selling Points​

Never Miss a Meeting

Receive timely reminders for every appointment. Our VAs guarantee you're always prepared and punctual, leaving no room for missed opportunities.

Well-Organized Email and Phone Schedules

No more back-and-forth emails or phone calls. Our VMAs expertly coordinate your patients’ appointments, ensuring a smooth and efficient scheduling process.

Tailored to Your Preferences

Whether it's client meetings, internal discussions, or personal appointments, our VAs customize your schedule to align with your priorities and preferences.

No More Deciphering Scribbled Notes

Transcribing medical notes, reports, and dictations demands accuracy and speed. Our VMAs are adept at transcription, converting your phone calls and messages into concise, actionable records.

Always-Open Patient Support, 24/7!

Our virtual medical assistants work around the clock, answering calls 24/7. No more missed inquiries, ensuring patients feel cared for, day or night.

Expert Inventory Management

Virtual assistants for healthcare go beyond paperwork. They excel in managing your inventory, guaranteeing your supplies are always in stock, saving you time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA) is a remote professional offering administrative support to healthcare providers. VMAs handle tasks like scheduling and documentation for streamlined, patient-focused operations.

A Virtual Medical Assistant enhances your practice by handling administrative tasks, managing appointments, and organizing documentation. So you get to focus on delivering quality patient care and improving overall operational efficiency.

Absolutely! Engaging a Virtual Medical Assistant tends to be more cost-effective compared to onsite personnel as it minimizes overheads associated with office space and benefits.

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