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The Future of Physician-Patient Interaction: How Virtual Medical Assistants Are Changing the Game?

Covid-19 really hit the world hard, forcing thousands of businesses to go online. As major industries began to jump on this digital bandwagon and started to manage things in a hybrid way, the healthcare sector was a bit sluggish in adopting the change. But this could not stay like that for long. 

For instance, Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs) perform administrative duties like medical insurance verification, patient follow-up, data-entry, inventory management, and many more. When all of this is done at a fraction of the cost of doing it traditionally (onsite), it is no wonder that VMAs are getting quite famous in the health sector. 

This is exactly what Forbes predicted when writing How Virtual Assistants Can Reshape Healthcare back in 2013.

Perhaps you wish to save a thousand bucks by getting a healthcare assistant? If that is the case, it would be better to get to know about VMAs and see for yourself whether you need one in the future. Let’s dive straight into knowing what virtual medical assistants are, what they can do for you, and why you should try hiring one.

What are Virtual Medical Assistants?

Virtual Medical Assistant, also known as a Virtual Administrative Medical Assistant, is a healthcare personnel performing the traditional duties of a medical officer but at highly reduced rates. Since they are not working onsite but rather remotely, this means you just do not need to spend on office equipment and setup and pay for employees’ insurance or other overhead costs.

Hence, these healthcare medical assistants do everything your onsite personnel would do. Let us detail them for you.

What Does a Virtual Medical Assistant Do?

Virtual Healthcare Assistants Handle Patient Data Entry and Database Management

Every business has a database – be it of equipment or supplies or just patient records, it always needs someone to manage them. However, handling patient data entry along with managing existing databases is time-consuming and not fit to do alongside practice. This is where VMAs can handle all the patient data, ensuring you have up-to-date electronic patient records accessible from anywhere!

VMAs Also Line-up Your Patients’ Appointments

Handling the daily load of scheduled appointments can be quite daunting, especially when you are not around the corner. This is where VMAs can keep your practice’s appointments in order. 

They ensure your clinic orders are up to date and there are no overlapping appointments. After all, seeing two patients quarreling over an appointment slot would be the last thing you would want to see, right? Your Virtual Medical Assistants ensure this never happens and any sudden is communicated to the patients in due time.

Can Transcribe Notes, Phone Calls, and Voice Messages

Transcribing notes and voice messages is an uphill task. Leaving such tasks to a VMA means you get to spend your time on higher-level tasks more in tune with your business goals. This can be anything from seeing prospective investors to inking a contract with a healthcare tools and equipment provider.

Virtual Medical Assistants

VMAs Take Daily Phone Calls, 24/7!

With all the buzz around during the day, VMAs ensure you only listen to calls that you need to – everything else (like responding to regular patient calls) is something they can do themselves. This ensures that you get to have a fully uninterrupted appointment session with your patients while knowing your customers are being taken care of, as well!

Manage Your Inbox For You – Never Miss on Important Emails

Big businesses tend to see a lot of spam messages every day. But there are always a few important ones mixed up inside the clutter. While your email settings might make handling this a little easier, letting a virtual health assistant organize them can reap more benefits than just hitting the clear button.

They will not only mindfully manage your inbox but will also respond to simple queries and leave the more complicated ones for you. This way, you get to ensure your trusted customers are never left unattended – be it inside your clinic or at their homes. 

Expert at Medical Billing

Yes, you can also hire VMAs as Medical Billing Virtual Assistants. These are the cornerstones of a medical billing company, and they take care of whatever stuff you do day in and day out.

Virtual Medical Assistants Handle Your Inventory, Too!

If you happen to have a digital inventory management system, why not let a VMA take care of it? Yes, Virtual Medical Assistants can keep track of your supplies and handle ordering and replacements when you are low on stock. Equipment like gauze, bandages, syringes, etc., are always needed, and VMAs ensure you have them 24/7.

Getting Virtual Medical Assistants is More Than Just Getting Talents From Around the World!

Hiring an online medical assistant comes with obvious benefits. Not only do you get to access a wider talent pool from anywhere around the world, you also get to pick the level of expertise you want in your Virtual Medical Assistant. 

This means hiring primary administrative healthcare assistants to handle trivial tasks to trained nurses who have hospital experience and can handle the elderly well; whatever the case is, hiring a VMA opens up many more options than getting an onsite healthcare assistant.

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Let’s get you your Virtual Medical Assistant before you empty your wallet by hiring an onsite one.


Is Hiring a Virtual Medical Assistant Less Expensive than Onsite Personnel?

Of course, it is a lot cheaper than hiring an onsite healthcare assistant. This is because you save all the costs spent on setting up the office and paying for their insurance.

Where can I get a Virtual Medical Assistant?

There are many online sites offering them. You can either contact them yourself or as a service provider. EZ MD Solutions can also help you with that.

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